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Clients choose NUTRISPARK as their tablet manufacturer because our pricing is affordable. Your tablet will be manufactured using nextgen press and coating machines, with tooling options that create truly custom tablets that exhibit high quality. We're able to produce all types of tablets including raw, coated, sublingual, chewable and time-release. With control over the the size, shape, color, glaze and tablet layering we'll meet your desired specifications. Best of all, your tablet order can be delivered within 4-weeks.

Our 4-week delivery is possible because our process is streamlined, our management staff is highly trained, and the equipment in the lab is truly nextgen. Clients choose NUTRISPARK for their tablet manufacturing projects because they love the service, everything you need to know is communicated upfront. If you have a formula that you'd like to manufacture in tablet form, give us a call at +44 (0)7766881110, or request a quote online. Be sure to email us your desired formula. If you don't yet have a formula, we can help you create one.

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We can create tablets from a wide variety of ingredients at a price point that will benefit both the starting entrepreneur or established supplement industry leader. Over the years, we have become especially adept at formulating great-tasting tablets with good mouthfeel at an affordable price. Our team of formulators is skilled at working with or covering up the natural taste of ingredients ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids and herbs.

We will utilize cutting edge manufacturing equipment to ensure your product consistently meets quality standards expected by both consumers and regulatory agencies. For most tableting orders, a 32-cubic foot mixer will be used to blend formulas to retain a standard mixture quality. Once a tablet formula has been perfected and blended, the tableting process will begin in either our tablet presses depending on the order size.

You might be surprised how many different types of tablets exist. Tableting is our specialty and we can do just about any kind you’re looking for. Here are a few examples of the tablet types we can make:

Coated or Uncoated – Many different film coatings exist for a variety of practical reasons. Sugar coatings are often used to mask the taste of unpleasant ingredients that are used and often are very bitter. Coatings can also prevent light or moisture penetration to preserve the integrity of the tablet.

Sublingual – Sublingual tablets are designed to bypass first pass metabolism by absorbing within the mouth. These tablets are placed under the tongue, where they will dissolve and then absorb. This process can help bypass passage through the liver and make active ingredients more effective.

Chewable – Chewable tablets are often pleasantly flavored to allow the tablet to be chewed prior to swallowing. Advantages of using this form of tablet include stability, dosing control and desirable flavor profiles. Chewable tablets are useful for administering a large dose all at once.

Delayed Release – Delayed release tablets receive an enteric coating to protect the tablet from dissolution due to stomach acid, instead dissolving in the small intestine. If the active ingredients within your tablet are susceptible to damage in the stomach, the coating may be necessary for maximum effectiveness. However, some ingredients can remain uncoated due to acid resistance.

Effervescent – Effervescent tablets are manufactured to rapidly breakdown within a liquid. This means that the ingredients will dissolve within the solution more effectively. These tablets also tend to create a froth due to a release of carbon dioxide.

NUTRISPARK can manufacture your tablets with a wide variety of shape options, imprinting options and coating options. With the inclusion of our complete packaging solutions, clients can receive a complete product that is ready for order fulfillment. If you are interested in the tablet manufacturing services we offer, please contact us today!

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