Who We Are - UK Supplements Manufacturing

We’ve come a long way since our story first began, growing from a small start-up into a high profile organization with connections across the country and around the globe.

No matter how large our network may grow to be, our mission will always be to set the standard for dietary supplement contract manufacturing. In doing so, we strive to provide brand owners like you with the very best in customer service and manufacturing capabilities.

In the years ahead, here are some of the ways that we intend to raise the bar for meeting those needs...

  • Implementing, vetting, and exploring the latest advancements and trends in contract manufacturing – from dose forms to packaging.
  • Increasing our reach to include global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.
  • Embracing our role as the go-to resource for those seeking nutraceutical knowledge.
  • Providing you and your brand(s) with marketing services and resources.

With the support and the dedication of our team, and the loyalty of our clients, we know that we have the skills and the experience necessary to turn these goals into realities.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of supplement brand owners like you successfully bring their products and businesses to life. The way we see it, our story has only just begun.


Selecting the right supplement manufacturer involves taking a few moments to learn about the company you plan to hire. In addition to obtaining price quotes, ask questions and gather information about these companies. You might discover some manufacturers have deceitful merits, and when investigating further, some may be downright unsafe to use.



Our mission is to establish long-lasting supplement manufacturing relationships.

We believe most businesses can receive a better outcome form their contract manufacturing projects. That’s why we formed NUTRISPARK

Our objective is to make the supplement manufacturing process straightforward for our customers. Most projects are stop-and-go because of limited services available. This is what separates NUTRISPASRK from the crowd—we do it all! 

NUTRISPARK is structured for success with a team of professionals specializing in customer service, production management, quality control, graphic design, information technology, laboratory science, research, and development. You will not find a one-stop shop supplement manufacturer with as much efficiency, proficiency, and productivity. With our aggressive pricing, highest quality, and unbeatable services, we offer the best overall value in supplement manufacturing, whitelabel and branded.



We emphasize service, product quality, and efficiency

As a volume user and importer of top quality raw materials, we have developed long standing relationships with suppliers across the globe to guarantee consistently high quality materials used at all times in any supplement formulation manufactured. Simply look through our extensive stock list, click on the products of interest to learn more and order, shipping is next day delivery.

To be competitive in the nutraceutical manufacturing industry today means having the ability to deliver a rewarding service experience. Our staff is trained to listen attentively to customers and communicate effectively. When it comes to supplement manufacturing, clarity is key to optimizing service and product outcome. We have polished our manufacturing processes to execute efficient quoting, formulating, and production to not only match but exceed your expectations. Since inception, Nutrispark  has been the premier supplement manufacturer tried-and-true. We look forward to facilitating your next vitamin or dietary supplement manufacturing project.


If you have a formula that you would like producing, let us have the details and we will be happy to quote on producing this for you in a timely manor, mostly more competitive & quicker than other companies. We understand the need to move quickly, producing formula quotes and production of your brand, so you can compete or be first to the market!

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